Week 1: 10/2

Welcome Week! This week the children will be introduced to the equipment by learning the names of each apparatus. Talking about safety during class as well.

Tumbling: Cartwheels on cartwheel mat. 
Body position: Tuck
Beam: Forward and sideways walks 
Vault: Run and Jump off springboard 
Ending Activity: "Shake my Sillies Out" song

Week 2: 10/9

Tumbling: Forward rolls down incline mat
Body position: Straddle
Beam: Backward walks 
Vault: Straddle jumps off springboard
Ending Activity: "Pass the Bean Bag" & "Bean Bag Rock"

Week 3: 10/16

Tumbling: Tuck and straddle rolls on floor
Body position: Pike

Beam: Jumps over the light up spiders!

Vault: Tuck & Straddle jumps off springboard
Ending Activity: "Pass the Bean Bag" & "Bean Bag Rock"

Week 4: 10/23

Tumbling: Handstands walking feet up wall/ Spider walks
Body position: Ta Da!
Beam: Dismounts: Straight jump off to Ta Da!; Tuck jumps over spiders
Vault: Run and Jump off springboard- Practicing Safe Landing Position & then Ta Da!
Ending Activity: Toss bean bags into cauldron

​Week 5: 10/30

Halloween Week!

Tumbling: Pumpkin rolls with the cute bat stuffed animal
Body position: Hollow body
Beam: Straight jumps over light up spiders
Vault: Jump off springboard over the spider
Ending Activity: "Baby Shark HALLOWEEN!" & Jack o Lantern Ball toss


​​​Our lesson plans for each month are in the monthly newsletter brought home by your child and also here on our web page.
Each class, your child will experience a warm up activity to songs with movement, warm-ups and stretches. Unique tumbling apparatus designed for the preschooler is brought in each week. These include incline mats, panel mats, cartwheel mats, vaulting springboard, preschool bars and floor balance beams.
Cooperative skill development through the use of parachutes, balloons, balls, scarves, hoops, and other various items are incorporated into the lesson plans. Children advance individually through USA Gymnastics skill progressions.

LESSON PLANS "2019/2020"


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Week 6: 11/6
Body position:
Ending Activity: 

Week 7: 11/13
Body position:
Ending Activity: 

Week 8: 11/20
Body position:
Ending Activity: